A long-form discussion on a range of topics from AI to philosophy to entrepreneurship. 

We start each podcast sober and let the proof gradient the course of discussion.


A longform discussion between co-hosts Roy Peer, an architect turned entrepreneur and sci-fi author, and Steven W Sorensen, a global soul turned tech finance and corporate board enthusiast, on a wide range of topics ranging from AI to philosophy to entrepreneurship.  We aim to bring on great minds, from the renown to the unknown, to discuss things we find interesting. 

We start each podcast sober and let the proof gradient the course of discussion.  Just like Hitchcock built suspense by placing a ticking time b-mb under the table of two people having a simple conversation, the status along the gradient proof can act to end the discussion at any moment, preferably on a high note, yet sometimes leaving questions unanswered.  We encourage you to drink with us, and let the questions lead you to your own answers and explorations.


EP6: ChatGPT AI & The Swift End of Life 2.0 

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Simulation Arcade - Amazon - Roy Peer - SciFi

     ROY PEER 

Peer is an architect turned entrepreneur. After working for award-winning architects, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, in New York City, he went on to start a virtual reality company; which later sold to a notable Hollywood director in 2018. Peer is the founder of PeerBasics, a data-driven products company that analyzes e-commerce sales data to drive its product launch decisions in multiple categories with multiple factory partners in Asia.

Roy Peer is the author of Simulation Arcade, a sci-fi novel that paints a possible future world when AI and brain chips are commonplace and details the way humanity meets its AI cocoon moment, and how to stop it.

Simulation Arcade Paperback: Amazon

Simulation Arcade Pre-Release NFT (comes with author-signed copy): OpenSea.io


Steven W Sorensen is the director, corporate finance at droppGroup / droppLabs, an AI / ML augmented reality shopatainment marketplace, co-founder and COO of Fotin Media and a board director of RocketStar, a small satellite launch company.  Steven calls NYC home, lived in China for 7 years, and has an MA and M.Phil in English from The University of Hong Kong.  He likes jazz piano and good whiskey.  

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